Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wonderful Day!

The weather was nice. The company was great! What a wonderful family day it was.

We first headed to a Native American Pow-wow, a wonderful heads up from our homeschooling group we still stay in contact with. While we didn't get to see the dancers like we had hoped we saw plenty of artwork, handmade jewlery and Native American tools and weapons. We also tasted a bison wrap on homemade fried bread. Fried bread, I say! YUM-EEE! Rowdy One and I even tried a bit of white sage. Rowdy One declared it to be much like he thought a leaf would taste. I, on the other hand, thougth it to be a bit methol-y.

Next we headed over to Froberg's. Now as long as we have lived in this area and heard of this place this was our first visit. And we will surely be going back. We enjoyed picking our own ruby ripe strawberries and tasting sausage from the smokehouse. We brought home dinner of fresh asparagus, fresh green beans, ribs and sausage. And a wonderful homemade lemon pie.

Wise One and Rowdy One enjoyed being with us and being outside on a beautiful day. I enjoyed making some weekend memories. Chosen One enjoyed the change of pace.

Come on spring time. I think I might just be ready for you!


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Elise said...

Oh, Spring, come quickly - bring sunshine and Hope to Lyn! :)
What wonderful memories you made - and made the most of your weekend together!