Monday, March 12, 2007

Just when I think I get a handle....

I realize I have a handle on NOTHING!

This poor little blog has become very quiet in the last several weeks. For those that read it...hang in there with me. I have a friend who lives far, far, VERY far away from me who reads it to keep tabs on me. Non ~ I am fine just taking it day by day and that sometimes doesn't allow me to blog. And then there are those whom I have never met that give me encouragement and prayer through this blog. I still need the prayers, especially when I am not blogging!

There is just so much going on in my head these days. It is all a little overwhelming to a simple girl like me. I try to write it, hell I try to think it, and it gets all jumbled and senseless so I just keep it tucked in my head. Some days, that is not a good idea. So if you come here and read a jumbled mess don't worry I am safe and sound, I have plenty real life people around me that know my struggles. I am well taken care of......sometimes I just need a place to release all the stuff in my head. And that place is this little ole blog. It started as a place to document my funnies, my adventures with my family and my deep serious thougths. It has become the place to documents all the tough things in my life. One day I hope it comes back to where it started.

*****funny of the day*****

This weekend I purchased one of these for Chosen One. Rowdy One was looking at it this morning and said, "Is this for daddy to polish his meat with that butter water?" after a giggle and shake of the my head it occured to me how funny his mind must be, or any kid for that matter. The way they think about things. The way they make the world work for them so that it makes sense.



Randi said...

I have been thinking about you and I was glad to see you in Bloglines today! Take your time on getting back to your blog, but I do look forward to hearing from you more! ;)

Elise said...

Hanging in there with you, said another woman who has a handle on NOTHING!
Still praying, as always.

Kate said...

hang in there. you sound like me. my brain is overflowing with thoughts, issues, feelings, things... but i can never seem to articulate it right (on paper). i'm afraid if i did i'd look like i was so beyond help!! ha!