Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I wanna be.....

Wise One told me tonight that he wants to be a stained glass maker. He wants to actually make the glass that they use in the beautiful windows. Not necessarily make the art of the windows but the glass to make the art of the windows. He is an interesting creature that Wise One.

Rowdy One wants to just make it out of his childhood alive. He is has been exhausting me with his rowdiness. He is R.O.W.D.Y.


Dan In Real Life I give it a B. Very predictable, nothing deep, made me laugh several times and had a sweet ending. Not a waste but nothing earth shattering. Just what I needed today.

Little Miss Sunshine Can I tell you how much I loved this movie? I watched it twice before I had to return it. Laughed out loud and LOUD. Loved the sarcasm. The use of the f word was certainly not something you want the kids to hear. When the door fell of the VW I thought I was gonna pee in my pants. Not for everyone but surely for me! Loved the humor!!

Amazing Grace Wise One and I watched this together. Brought up some good conversation about the slave trade and about choices and courage. Spurred some research and was a good jump start in to a more in depth look at this period.

I have 6 more movies waiting at the library. It is so hot out that sometimes this and a late evening bike ride are all that can be expected.


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tonia said...

i confess....Dan in Real Life is one of our favorite movies. i love Steve Carrell and that movie just hits my funny bone.

i haven't watched ...Sunshine...yet.

enjoy your lazy summer days!