Saturday, July 26, 2008

Human Experience

For no other reason than the "human experience" we should watch these movies:

A Mighty Heart

Into the Wild

We should not watch these to entertain us but rather so that we can meet someone that has experiences so very different than us. So that we can realize that not everyone lives a life like us, in a place like us, with experiences like us. The world is big and vast. Things happen everyday that will never touch our world. But they do touch others.


1 comment:

tonia said...

goodness...i've had "mighty heart" sitting in a drawer for 3 months (a netflix rental) and i haven't made time to watch it.

thank you for the recommendation. maybe i'll get it done this weekend.

~ i've read the book: into the wild, but haven't seen the movie. maybe i'll put that on the netflix list too.