Friday, May 02, 2008


Life. Just smacks you in the face sometimes.

Do you know how many posts I write in my head and then never have time to sit down and actually write? Do you know? A. LOT.

Do you know how many pictures I take to post and never do? Do you know? A. LOT.

Life is busy and as much as I want to document it here, I don't have time. Sadly.

I have recipes to post. Quotes. This and that and alot of STUFF.

At times I need to just get it out so it will quit swimming in my head and making me all seasick. Sometimes I just need to brush up on my typing skills since I mostly type numbers all day. And sometimes I really do have something important to say.

But mostly I don't have time to sit down. and type.


Damn it.

Well, e is still sick and she is still making me laugh and think and wrap my head around one day her not being here to make me laugh and think.

Rowdy One and Wise One are still rowdy and wise. Beyond their years. Some days they even switch titles. That seems to be happening more and more these days.

I have a friend having a baby after being told FOREVER that it would never happen. Oh and guess what she is single. And should never have to explain that but she does and she will and well this world is still incredibly closed minded.

I have another friend who has found love after she totally swore it off. She is giddy in love with this man. They are shacking up in their old age and loving every minute.

Another friend is finding the way to her voice. She has a wonderful boyfriend who is walking with her on this journey of self discovery.

Life is moving along. Mostly rather quick like. Wise One is turning ten soon. OY!

Life. Just smacks you in the face sometimes.


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