Monday, April 07, 2008

Chitter Chatter

Ever have a day when duct tape sounds like a good way to keep people from talking to you? Mainly the under nine crowd that lives with you. And keeps talking and arguing and trying to get the last word and did I say argue and talk and try to get the last word in. And oh yeah, they keep talking to you. CONSTANTLY. Like word after word. After word. And then another word. Oh and then one more word.

Ever think, it seemed like a good idea then to have them so close together?

Ever wonder how many times you must say brush your teeth before it gets done? And then realize it has been said all together AT LEAST 20 minutes and the teeth brushing lasted....7 seconds tops. Ever wonder?

Just wondering, maybe I am the only one.

Ever wonder where they get that tone and why you can't just clean it permanently out of their little sweet precious mouths before you decide to just forget the whole cleaning idea and grab the duct tape?

Well, that has been my day....what about you?


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