Thursday, January 03, 2008

A few things 2007 taught me......

1. If you hang it up for them to see, IN THE BATHROOM, they will see it and learn it! (Small map of the US, pictures and names of the presidents, the art picture of the week)

2. If you tell them WE ARE NOT HAVING A BAD DAY first thing in the morning it usually goes down hill from there.

3. Crappy things happen to really good people.

4. When my head starts to hurt, if I can run to a quiet place and meditate for a bit it seems to ease the headache.

5. I love my girlfriends.

6. Keeping a spotless house is just not really that important to me anymore.

7. Neither is keeping up with the laundry.

8. I love to learn.

9. I am a really BIG pack rat.

10. Retirement isn't always what people want it to be.

Now some of these things I have known but they really were shown to me this year!


1 comment:

Elise said...

Oh, friend- you are finding the most important things to the world's way of thinking, might not be as important after all! I wish we all did this... you've gotten me thinking.
Love to you!