Monday, January 24, 2011


i am always amazed at the light in my kinder kids eyes when they see art. it fascinates me. they are curious. they get close to see. they ask questions. they state what they see or what they think is out of place. they oohhh and aaahhhh. they are natural art enthusiast. naturals. they take it all in. then try to figure it out. they laugh out loud. they know what to respect and be quiet.

i put several monet pictures on the wall from a small calendar. i have one little boy who i will see just staring at them. any free time he is at the wall. staring. thinking. kneeling. what is he thinking, i wonder. what does he see? what does he like? how is this shaping his brain or opinion or critical thinking?

i will never know if this exposure is helping them. but i think it is. i think they are the better for this introduction. for many, it may be the only glimpse of art......other than tattoos. the only part i hate is that i have to censor what i show them. i understand but i don't like it. of course i would not show them inappropriate things but i love the Birth of Venus and my kid kids did a in depth study on it. wise one was 6-7 and rowdy one was 4-5, so the same age as my kinder kids. they appreciated the beauty. and they saw that uncovered things are not something to laugh at or immediately think inappropriate. oh to be able to share it all.

i will share what i can, for now....


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