Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trying to keep my head up.......

Very tired at the moment. Body as well as mind and spirit. Lots going on in my house and my mind. Rowdy one is trying my patience. ADHD is very difficult to live with. VERY difficult at the moment. Stress fills every crack. I long for a day of calmness. I long for a day of no yelling or complaining or arguing just to get teeth brushed or clothes on.

And the whole while I long for that day I also know that he was given to me. A precious gift. That at the moment I would like to wrap back up and send back. But no, God gave him to me. He is mine to raise while here on earth. I must muster up the courage, patience, love and follow Him where He leads me. He lead me to this child and I will trust that I can handle it, with His help. Sometimes I do feel abandoned. Sometimes I am mad. Sometimes I am so very tired. Tapped out from a rough day. But He gives me sleep to rest. And gives me His word to strengthen myself with.

I will continue........another day.

But I am very tired.

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