Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why he is The Chosen One.....

On any given day I can count at least 25 reasons that I married my husband, in a matter of seconds. Little everyday things that make us fit. And then there are the times when I sit back and truly let it soak in that he was Chosen for me by Him. The day to day I seem to forget that. It sometimes takes the big moments to remind me.

Friday afternoon.....

Me: "any chance you could get a truck and trailer?"

Chosen One: "for????"

Me: "well, so we could run up to Austin (four hours drive one way) and pick up a couple pieces of furniture so Auntie A doesn't have to store them."

Chosen One: "a couple?"

Me: "yeah, a ..... few......things she just can't seem to part with....and we could use around here.....and it would save her a bundle on a storage unit....and....yeah....a few."

Chosen One: "I'll see what I can do."

With in five minutes he calls back with a truck and trailer lined up.

We head out early Saturday morning. Make it to Austin by lunch. Visit and start to load. First a bed.....full sized bed rail and mattress........

Chosen One: "where are we putting this?

Me: "oh if we don't use it I will find someone....maybe niece L." Keep walking or he will ask more questions I have no answers for.

Then we load a wooden rocker, a side table, a cedar chest, a trunk, a dining room table, a lamp, an oak table with leaves, a chest of drawers and dresser, a twin sized headboard and foot board a plant, some odds and ends.........two book shelves, and a partridge in a pear tree!

We head out with much more than a couple of things. But all really good stuff!

Fast forward a couple of hours. Sky full of rain. Pull in to raunchy truck stop to buy tarps. Seventy bucks later and a big explanation to Wise One and Rowdy One about what all those things for sale on the wall of the bathroom where(!!!!) (note:they were not feminine hygiene products...thankyouverymuch!)get back on the road and then run into a hail storm. HAIL STORM!!! Rain we can't even see in. HAIL!

Finally make it home. Unload....a few things we ran to Austin to pick up that Auntie A can't seem to part with......and we could use around here....and it would save her a bundle on a storage unit....and...yeah....a few.

He chose him for me. Long ago. Knowing that a hot day in August 2009 I would need to be gently reminded of that. He chose him. For me. He chose a man with a happy heart. Patience and enough love to live with me forever. Especially when I call on a Friday afternoon asking for a truck and trailer.


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AngelRhoden said...

Really enjoyed (and needed) this reminder of how the One who knows us best chooses so well for us the ones we need. Thanks!