Sunday, October 19, 2008


What do you do with that......ADHD?

What do you do with that information?

What is that?

High IQ and ADHD at seven.

That is what is consuming my head these days.

A child that talks non stop. That complains and whines and giggles and says the sweetest things. A child that battles and stomps his feet and his the wall and gives the tightest hugs and the nicest neck rubs. A child that refuses to pick up his socks but wants to kindly fix you a sandwich.

I have yet to wrap my brain around ADHD and what it means to my family.

Medication is the route we will be proposed on Wednesday. And tonight I would have grabbed it. I am not sure what I will feel like on Wednesday.

My stomach and head hurt with all the information. I want to be at a stand still but I have to be in motion.

Some think it is no big deal. Just medicate and move on. That would be easy. But not me....I worry, fret, pray (which means I should not worry and fret). This is my child. My smart, sweet, witty child.

When I see my child's classroom all I want to do it bring him home. No wonder he is distracted! Have you seen a second grade classroom lately? TO MUCH STIMULATION!

When I hear the teachers comments I want to cry and scream. At the same time.

The world will not accommodate him. I must protect and teach him.

And help him to be confidant. And funny. And to seek knowledge. And feel normal in all situations.

To hold his head up high even when his impulsive nature gets him in trouble.

I want him to be strong and peaceful. In a world that will not accommodate him.

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