Friday, August 22, 2008 in Mills, please!

We have been on a bit of a Hayley Mills kick:

The Moon - Spinners


The Trouble with Angels

On hold at the library:

Summer Magic

The Flame Trees of Thika

Cry of the Penguins

Already seen many moons ago that may be watched again:

That Darn Cat

Parent Trap

The heat is slowly letting up around here. We had several days of rain which equals tall grass, mosquitos and mugginess by the boat loads but it was a bit cooler on the days the rain was here. We are slowly coming back to life after one HOT summer.


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Elise said...

Oh, how we love Summer Magic - have you watched it yet? We love the song "The Ugly Bug Ball"- although we may love Burl Ives even more! :)

You just can't beat a good Hayley Mills movie. You really can't.