Sunday, August 05, 2007


Chosen One treated me to a wonderful weekend away. I needed it. Lots of things swirling in my head about being thirty-five.

I decided to list 35 things I like:

1. Dr. Pepper
2. loud music
3. chips, mostly any kind that crunch
4. to read
5. the color purple
6. and green
7. hugs
8. pens
9. fabric
10. books
11. freshly mowed grass
12. lemons
13. soft sheets
14. socks
15. sharp pencils
16. bright flowers
17. quilts that just come out of the dryer
18. artwork by my kids
19. necklaces
20. rocks
21. and stones
22. seashells
23. the beach
24. the sound of waves
25. the feel of sand
26. the sun on my face
27. sitting in lawn chairs
28. cold, cold water to drink
29. cooking pasta
30. making cookies
31. a freshly vaccuumed room
32. a clean sink, shiny like
33. a free hour
34. hearts
35. blank paper to doodle on

Happy Birthday to me!



Kate said...

I am so glad to meet someone who likes rocks. I bring home a rock from a special place I've been almost all the time (like Yosemite, or the West Coast, or a cool river, etc...). Your list is awesome! I could count it mine - except cold cold water - brain freeze for me!!!
HAPPY 35th!!! I have a picture I can post for you in a few days...

Elise said...

Oh - happy birthday, friend! I'm sorry I missed this! What a wonderful list, and a peek into *you*! I am blessed for knowing you.
I haven't had much time for checking in and posting, but in my not-so-daily-prayer time (lately) you and those we both pray for have been lifted up. Know this.