Thursday, July 12, 2007

Late birthday presents.....

are always fun, unexpected and just what we needed today.

Wise One received this in the mail today from my aunt. It looks deliciously fun and I can't wait to read it! He was tickled, of course, to get mail. As he flipped through the book he got even more excited with the content page: The Greatest Paper Airplane in the World, Fossils, First Aid, Making Cloth Fireproof, Secret Inks, Sampling Shakespeare...(just to name a few) he can't wait to read it either he has settled in his room with it already.



Elise said...

My boys love that book - it has a place of honor on their dresser! :) All other books are relegated to the (gasp!) bookshelf.

Happy *late* birthday, Wise One!

Kate said...

I just bought that book at Costco for my son. He has devoured it! It's SUCH a fun book!
Happy Bday to your sweet boy! :)